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  • Wood wool is a packaging material that's produced of kiln dried wood shavings. The processing of the product is purely mechanical so there are no added chemical and dust. This is an all-natural free fill packaging material that's both biodegradable and Eco friendly. Shredded wood filler is perfect for gift baskets, fruit baskets, gift boxes, home decorations, and many other uses.


    Our wood wool comes from managed forests, where we are able to keep up the wellness of the woods as they go through a vital procedure for thinning it. The gathered pine and spruce wood is subsequently made into wood wool. This natural material is safe to use and smells amazing!


    Certification: PEFC and FSC. Length : 30 to 50 cm. Width: 2mm. Thickness: 0.1mm. Humidity: 25 - 35%. Colour: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Brown.


    Buying our products, you directly support planting trees in protected areas. Over 459 trees have been planted so far and we are continuing our efforts with each purchase.

    1kg of colour wood wool

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