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A part of the company’s resources is to recover protected areas destroyed by human logging, flooding, thunderstorms and tree beetles. 


The company is actively cooperating with local governments and non-profit organisations to support their effort in planting baby trees. ​

Building on our long-standing partnership with the non-profit organization "Make a Home" we have successfully planted 1,309 trees since 2017. 

Tree planting takes place every
year in spring or autumn in the picturesque landscapes of the
Czech or Slovak Republic.

From 2023, Forest Lighter has teamed up with a new company called "Home For Trees" to plant trees in the Czech Republic, as it is from Czech forests that our wood wool is made. In just two planting events with this friendly organization, we've collectively planted 1,550 trees, enriching our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Tree Planting Places over the Years

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