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Wood wool is a product made of wood silvers cut from logs and its eco-friendly nature makes it safe to be used as a raw material for the production of many other products.  One of the uses of wood wool is for animal bedding.


Yes! Wood wool can be used for bedding for animals. It can be said that no other material works better as animal bedding than wood wool due to its high volume and large surface area that provide some warmth to the animals and cushion them.  


Wood wool is dust free, has a high absorption of liquids and odors as well as absorbing waste.  It can be used as bedding for animals like cattle, horses and dogs to improve their hygiene and their well-being.  Wood wool bedding can help owners of these animals to keep the cleanest possible environments for their animals to live in.


For safe transporting of live shell fish such as lobsters and crabs, you can use wood wool bedding to create a high moisture content and damp living environment for the shell to sustain its life span and its quality to customers as well. 


Packs of graded, soft wood wool can also be an ideal material for nest building and cage enrichment that can be used within the pet trade especially for zoos and animal parks.         


Wood wool is made exclusively from air-dried, mechanically debarked wood and as such pet keepers can use it as padding in cages and free-range cages for small rodents like guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, reptiles, mice, cats etc for the animals to feel comfortable to play and stay entertained for a long time.     

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