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Wood wool can be useful in a wide variety of ways in different areas and virtually has no limit.  Thinking about a material for decoration?  Then get a well arranged spruce wood wool.  Spruce wood wool is very light in colour, of a high quality and well suitable for representative and decorative purposes.


Wood wool can be used as a decorative item for valuable gifts by bordering your gift items nicely in gift baskets, fruit bowls as well as high-end wine packaging; it can also be used as a commodity by florists to add that special touch to their flower arrangements and gift wrappings. Wood wool can also be used for crafts enhancement, games and can also be used as filling material for soft toys or stuffed animals. 


History has it that before the prevalence of plastics, wood wool was dyed green to serve as an artificial grass in Easter Eggs (Paschal Eggs) Baskets.   These are decorated eggs (dyed and painted chicken eggs) usually used as gifts during the Eastertide season.


Interestingly, wood wool can be used together with other materials like cement and water to produce environmental friendly decorative wooden panels for walls and wooden ceiling.  These decorative panels do not discharge dust or particles and they are easy to clean with vacuum tool.  The wooden wall panels made from wood wool are known to store heat from the surrounding air and release it when the air temperature drops.  This can actually result in reducing energy costs, reducing environmental impact and indoor comfortable climate.  


It is believed that wooden panels are widely used for interior walls because they also eliminate air humidity by absorbing moisture from ambient air to help maintain a pleasant and healthy indoor climate and it cannot be affected by rot or mold.   Due to the open micro holes structure of the decorative wooden panels, there is reflection of sound that makes it a good acoustic absorber that reduces noise.    


And indeed, just as colour inspiration can be found just about everywhere, one may use it for advantage by using a soothing and comforting colours of a wood wool decorative panels. This miracle can glamorize your room or space but may further go a long way to help keep stress levels low which can be caused by your busy life, especially feelings when you do not have enough time in a day to get everything done. Change the quality of your life by using the spruce wood wool.

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