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Wood wool works great as cosmetic packaging. Cosmetics and skin care products are a part of most people’s everyday lives and consumers are always looking for a natural alternative especially when it comes to looking after themselves.

One of the most popular ecological packaging materials is wood wool. It is made from hand-picked spruce trees completely free from chemicals and dust with PEFC and FSC certification. Wood wool is ideal for those who are looking for a presentable and ecological solution that does not cost the earth.

When a customer wants to buy soap, handmade soaps always appeal to him much more than the mass-produced version. That is why it is good to give an organic, handmade appearance with the way the soap is packed, so having wood wool as soap packaging, customers get the overall handmade feel.

In addition to the fact that wood wool looks beautiful, it smells nice of wood. Wood wool is most often used in its natural colour, but for gift packaging of neutral-coloured products, we recommend coloured wool to make the product stand out more.

Wood wool is suitable not only for filling gift boxes, but also as packaging material for transporting cosmetics, which protects it from damage. Many traders use plastic fillings as a filler in shipping boxes. These plastic fillings are often more practical, but not environmentally friendly.

Our company cares about environmental protection. We actively cooperate with local governments and non-profit organisations to support their effort in planting baby trees. We have already planted almost 500 of them and every year their number increases.

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