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Under the term wood wool, everyone probably first thinks of hampers with various gift items decorated with wood wool that are sold in stores.

Wood wool is patronized all year round for multiple uses, but for packaging, it is highly demanded in festive seasons and holidays for gift hampers.

These hampers usually contain goods that are universal and will please everyone. Most often it is food, such as nuts, jams, chocolates and other snacks.


Hampers can contain not only food, but also cosmetics, candles, or pottery, which will especially please women.

In order to give these hampers a beautiful natural and luxurious look, wood wool is added to the hampers, which in addition to a better appearance, wood wool also protects goods from damage.

Our wood wool is made from hand-picked spruce trees completely free from chemicals and dust with PEFC and FSC certification. 

Due to the fact that wood wool is very ecological, it is suitable not only for packaging delicacies, but also for fruit and vegetables, whether this is for hampers or their transport.

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