Who wouldn’t like to keep their room warmer through insulation?


Insulation, commonly known is the act of using a material or substance that prevents the progression or transmission of electricity, heat, moisture shock, or sound from one medium to another.


Wood wool as a useful material can be used to produce insulation boards made from thin wood fibres mixed with natural building agents together with other additives like water-repellant substance. Building with wood wool is an ecological way of insulating. 


Stable wood wool boards and flexible wood fibre boards are mostly recommended to be suitable for insulation.  While the stable wood wool boards are mostly good for ceiling underlay, as finishing and insulating material for external and internal walls, flat roof, loft and floors; the flexible wood fibre boards can easily be cut to your desirable size and applied between rafters of a roof or another beam structure.  


The use of wood wool insulation boards in construction of attic, ceiling of flat roof etc. helps you to save on energy bills due to its high heat storage capacity.


By using wood wool insulation boards to build, you benefit from sound insulation qualities which is a measure to prevent the sound waves from permeating.

Installing a layer of roofing insulation directly on the ceiling above will reduce the temperature in your home and make your home cooler in summer and induce the need for Air Conditioning substantially.


And yes! You definitely contribute to a better planet by using less gas and electricity to help preserve our planet’s natural resources by fitting underfloor insulations and lessening the use your artificial heating and cooling devices.  

For those of us who like graceful and cheerful colours in our rooms to enjoy serenity, the good news is that wood wool panels can be painted or dyed to meet one’s desirable colour(s), different textures, sizes and designs to be widely used to be suitable.