Wood wool, the right material for packaging can be explained in simple terms as the residue obtained from shredding timber. The product is a multipurpose one due to its diversity of usage. One of the finest ways of using wood wool is for packaging.

Packaging provides a material for protection of products that need to be boxed, or bagged before they reach their final consumer. 

In choosing a packaging material, one of the noteworthy considerations is to provide safety for products while shipping or in transit.

Wood wool can be applied as a void fill material in packaging to equipment, glasses, bottles, mobile phones, industrial materials and other delicate items. 

The material is free from chemicals and has a natural appearance. During item shipping wood wool provides physical protection to materials through protection from shocks, drop, puncture and crush.

Wood wool is much more affordable compared to other materials. When buying wood wool in bulk, you do not need to worry about storage because the material can be compressed to save storage space which makes it very convenient. What makes wood wool exclusive is its recyclability; it can be reused as much as possible for many purposes.

Among its desirable characteristics, wood wool is an environmentally friendly material.  It is not harmful to either humans or the atmosphere. 

Users of wood wool for packaging include Manufacturing Firms, Gift Shops Assistants and Retailers.

Gift Shop Assistants use wood wool for nesting wine bottles in gift boxes, baskets and other gift filling bags because of its unique appearance and texture. Manufacturers and Retailers use wood wool in final packaging of delicate products before transportation.

Wood wool is patronized all-year-round for multiple uses, but for packaging, it is highly demanded in festive seasons and holidays for gift hampers.

When thinking packaging, think wood wool !