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Of all kinds of industries, it is pottery business that uses wood wool most often.

Why pottery?

Pottery is several thousand years old. During that time, the production and appearance of pottery changed and modernized significantly. However, pottery products that have the simple and natural appearance of thousands
of years ago are still being sold.

Just like pottery, wood wool also has a history. Wood wool is the oldest form of industrial loose fill packaging dating back over 200 years. It was originally invented to transport pottery as it is great at keeping things safe and making sure that the delicate items didn't arrive broken and, in more bits, than they left the factory in.

Wood wool, which does not contain any chemicals and is purely natural, is the most suitable for pottery and gives it a natural and elegant look. Wood wool is perfect both for gift packaging and for transporting these products. During item shipping, wood wool provides excellent physical protection for goods.

Wood wool is much more affordable compared to other materials. When buying wood wool in bulk, you do not need to worry about storage because the material can be compressed to save storage space which makes it very convenient. What makes wood wool exclusive is its recyclability; it can be reused as much as possible for many purposes.

Among its desirable characteristics, wood wool is an environmentally friendly material.  It is not harmful to either humans or the atmosphere.

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